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How does it work?

Individual classes are highly specialized to your own unique language needs
and goals.  You will meet one-on-one with your accent coach.  We will
take a sample of your speech during our first session together, creating an action plan that will
customize a program to meet your needs.  The following weeks, we will meet for approximately
one (1) hour to work on targeted sounds and English skills that have been identified from your
initial evaluation and action plan.  We will pinpoint specific areas for you to practice to make
more dramatic improvement.

We will also work with you to focus on other areas of English pronunciation including pacing,
appropriate pauses, common sayings, names, and sayings.

One-on-one speech training is the ideal way to improve your overall communication skills to
achieve the maximum success in the United States. Call
(321)388-2924 to set up an
appointment or email us at
Orlando English Pronunciation Coaching and Accent Reduction
We come to you!

Our speech and language training will be
conducted on-site at your office, home, or
other suitable location.  

At Orlando Accent Clinic, we are committed to
helping our clients reach their goals of clear
English pronunciation and "American Style" speech.  

To better serve our clients, we have spent five years
developing our exclusive
Speech:American Style  language
and pronunciation program.  The results so far have made
us extremely excited for the future of speech training in
Central Florida and we can't wait to get started towards
your goals!

We hope our website helps to answer some of the questions
you have about accent reduction and our program!

Please do not hesitate to contact us personally with any
questions you may have.

Daniel Hoyt
Orlando Accent Clinic by Personal Best Speech

Speech: American Style package
$800 - Package of 9 sessions at your office, home, or other location inside our "Base Plan"
map area.
$950 - Package of 9 sessions outside our "Base Plan" map area.

Additional sessions
$80 - Any additional sessions after 9 inside our "Base Plan" map area.
$95 - Any additional sessions after 9 outside our "Base Plan" map area.
Fully customized training!
We are committed to your improvement.  We
customize each client's course to target their
individual weaknesses and reach their
specific goals.  We take tremendous pride in
the success and improvement of our clients!
How long will it take?
We have found that nine (9) sessions typically
gives our clients a firm grasp of what sounds
and habits are causing them to be
misunderstood.  At this point, many clients
feel confident that they can continue to use
the program on their own and improve even
I have more questions!!
We would appreciate the opportunity of
communicating directly with you.  
Please email us at or call
Contact Kelly Hoyt